Why You Should Stay in Gateway Serviced Apartments in Leeds for Your Next Vacation

Everybody loves going on a vacation, but what most people dread is booking a hotel room because it can be quite expensive. Do you feel the same way? Well, not to worry because we are here with a solution.

Gateway Serviced Apartments!

So you are probably wondering why choose a serviced apartment and what makes it different from a hotel room, right?

Places to Stay in Leeds - Gateway Serviced Apartment

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment that offers you the same facilities and amenities as a hotel, but with more freedom. Such apartments are booked for short-term, as well as long-term stays, and they offer you the flexibility mixing business with pleasure.

Think of it as a home away from home because these self-catering apartments allow you to save a lot of money when you are travelling with your family. Your stay at Gateway serviced apartments in Leeds offers you the benefit living freely in a place where you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules, unlike hotels. Plus, the apartment is big enough for you to invite guests over and have a party- something you definitely cannot do in a hotel.

We are not finished yet! There are plenty of places to stay in Leeds but the reason why a serviced apartment should be your first choice is because it offers you the following benefits:

Benefits of Gateway Serviced Apartments

Great Location

Good News: we can offer an amazing stay in Leeds. All you have to do is pick a location. One of the best things of serviced apartments is that they are located near tourist destinations. If you are on a business trip, your family doesn’t need to be cooped up inside the apartment. They can visit the nearby tourist sites and have a great time.

Cooking and Washing Facilities

Food and laundry don’t come cheap when you are staying at a hotel. People pay hundreds of dollars for breakfast and dinner, and don’t even get us started with the mini fridge. You get a fully-functional kitchen in a serviced apartment so you don’t need to worry about food. The same goes for washing facilities, which you can share with other residents.

Value for Money

After reading about all the facilities mentioned above, you know a serviced apartment gives you great value for money. Here’s a little secret that you don’t know — the longer you stay at a serviced apartment, the more discount rates you get, which makes this option a budget stay in Leeds. The charges drop week after week and if you are staying for more than month, the VAT charge will drop by 16%.

Private and Secure

There’s 24/7 security available at the apartment from surveillance to safe check-in and check-out. You can even decline cleaning services if you like to keep to yourself.

About Leeds -Tourist Attractions

Still need a little more convincing? Here are a few tourist attraction sites in Leeds that will make up your mind for sure:

Harrogate: Britain’s Floral Resort

All that work stress can be very draining. If you want to go somewhere light and relaxing, then Harrogate is the right place to visit. This pretty spa has medicinal springs that were discovered in the 16th century. Now, the place is a holiday resort, which is quite famous for its flowers and parks. The most attractive site on the land is the RHS Garden Harlow Carr. You can explore the 68-acre site with a tour guide. This museum of gardening is pretty mesmerising, and it will bring peace to your soul. The place even holds festivals such as drama performances, opera, street theatre, cabaret, and literary events.

Abbey House and Museum

This magnificent Cistercian house was built in 1152. Explore the grounds and checkout the narrow choir of the roofless church, a ruined tower, a preserved chapterhouse, kitchen, refectory, and other buildings. You will find just about every type of historical item at this museum: from arts and crafts to safety equipments and more.

Leeds Corn Exchange

When you are done exploring the museums and landmarks, you can head over the Leeds Corn Exchange structure, which is England’s finest building from the Victorian era. There are plenty of cafés to try out the local food and shops to shop knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Did we tell you that Gateway Serviced Apartments are per friendly? You don’t get this facility at a hotel now do you? You don’t need to leave your furry companion behind or with a pet sitter. So next time you are planning a family vacation or going on a business trip, choose Gateway serviced apartments in Leeds.

What you will enjoy at Gateway Apartments?

Gateway Apartments feature a multitude of luxurious facilities and services that ensure each traveller and tourist a terrific living experience. When you want to make

your stay extremely comfortable, do not look any further than Gateway Apartments. All you will get is a home-like experience.

Travelling for business or family outing, staying in hotel can be an expensive and uncomfortable option, which is why Gateway Apartments are here at your service. Our homely environment in Leeds will offer your more space and privacy on your vacation along with hotel-like facilities.

Relaxation, Comfort and Leisure All Together

Dining out for lunch, breakfast, or dinner can be an expensive thing which is why, choosing Gateway Apartments is just the right solution. Our apartments gives you the best of dining experience with a splendid menu offering delectable delights and drinks ensuring maximum guest satisfaction. Moreover, you can also cook your own food, coffee in your personalised kitchen that is equipped with everything you would require. A relaxed atmosphere is all that you will find at your own apartment.