Leisure Stay

From decadent dining, modern shopping to vibrant night life, Leeds has a host of things to offer. With Gateway Apartments, you can access to some of the breathtaking architecture of the city with your family and loved ones.

Our apartments offer you every opportunity to indulge in fun, leisure and entertainment. Some of the fantastic attractions of the city including theatre, world-class museums, and galleries including Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds City Museum, beautiful galleries and more, staying and travelling from our apartment is easy for every traveller and tourists who visits here. You are certain to find something which would take your fancy.

We offer real comfort and best housing solutions that can provide maximum guest satisfaction. Being centrally positioned, you can explore any place in the day time, evening time or even in the night time. The city is always live for local residents, tourists, business and family travellers.

What are you waiting for? When leisure is something you can not resist, we at Gateway Serviced Apartments Leeds have everything that you might be expecting from relaxation, peace, fun, entertainment to beauty, luxury, comfort and convenience. Utilize your time at our full-fledges standard and deluxe apartments and experience the difference in our guest service from our competitor.

With one of the most fascinating nightlife in the city, Leeds is sopped with inviting bars and clubs to meet the needs of every kind of visitor and every kind of night out. You will find plenty of hotspots that offer a magnificent nightlife. Check out The Skyrack and The Box, popular places for night hunters.

Leeds indeed has a loud and vibrant nightlife to beat many of the UK’s nightlife areas. From down to earth pubs to UK’s some of the biggest clubbing spots, Leeds has something in offer for everyone.

We at Gateway Apartments located centrally give you an opportunity to discover the lavish nightlife of Leeds and relax back in your home-like apartment. You can leave your belongings without having to worry about anything. Safe and secure, we offer you reliable housing solutions so that you own the apartment with your keys in pocket.

Enjoy music, the heart Leeds nightlife and explore intimate venues. Rest assured, when you will come back, you will find peace of resting just like you do at your home.