Serviced Apartments Leeds

Your travelling can leave you speechless only if you enjoy your accommodation. Staying at a Serviced Apartment can give you that experience where you enjoy everything that is modern and trendy, so you become a storyteller to others. Gateway Apartments Leeds is a place where, throughout your stay, you feel easy like a Sunday morning. These are fully-furnished apartments and you can enjoy the comfort of being at home.

Whether you are on a business trip or enjoying some holidays, staying at a Serviced Apartment in Leeds can be the best idea. From concierge to spacious space to competitive rates to ambiance to secure onsite parking and more, there is a lot to say about Gateway Apartments. These are self-catering apartments wherein you can have the privilege to have your own kitchen. Not only this, but you can cook with your own comfort and ease. All you need to be just free and easy. It’s time that you enjoy great services and benefits at Gateway Serviced Apartments. Our aim is to simply show you our love and care during your stay. We also believe in offering you the “me time” wherein you can feel most relaxing and rejuvenating through our spa and massage services. Being busy is seriously overrated in cities and professional lives. But, here, you feel relaxed and experience healthier & happier life.

The elegant interiors, open-handed and sweet-tempered staff will make you feel rested and sheltered. You can easily go out, explore the city and come back refreshed. At Gateway Apartments, you feel cheerful, contented and cared for. You can conduct your own professional meetings; can enjoy food either in your own kitchen or at the restaurant.

Get ready to experience the luxury living at affordable prices. Serviced Apartments are always better than hotels in many ways. Not only the courteous staff but many excellent services make them stand out. The staff members at Gateway Serviced Apartments Leeds are not only cordial and hospitable but also know the value of every reservation they make. With us, you can easily relax and do your work as there is 24*7 manned receptions on site, a mix of different rooms like one bedroom, two-bedrooms and a private suite, in-room kitchenettes, no minimum staying duration and more.

Hence, it’s time that you should be convinced enough to book your stay at Gateway Apartments. For more information please contact us on 0845 463 0656 or visit our website at